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MERN Jest Testing (Part 8)

When you have code that runs asynchronously, Jest needs to know when the code it is testing has completed before moving to another test.

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MERN Jest Testing (Part 7)

Global methods are functions that are available to any script as they are not methods of any specific object. You can invoke global methods directly just as you would do with any core JavaScript global functions.

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MERN Jest Testing (Part 6)

SuperTest is a Node.js library for making http requests. SuperTest can be used to test external or internal APIs. With SuperTest we can test both REST and GraphQL APIs.

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MERN Jest Testing(Part 5)

Jest enables you to test values in different ways by using matchers. We will introduce you to some of the matchers that are commonly used.

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MERN Jest Testing (Part 4)

In Jest, a matcher function is used with expect to assert something about a value. A matcher can optionally accept an argument which is the correct expected value.

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MERN Jest Testing (Part 3)

There are many different frameworks for testing JavaScript here we are going to use Jest for testing our doc.

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