An inspired remote developer community

Deliver high quality pull requests, accelerate your learning velocity and work from anywhere - remotely, flexibly and securely.

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A digital playground for coders and hackers

Intense 1 on 1 learning sessions, real world high-impact projects and a friendly, inclusive atmosphere characterise the GitStart Developer Community

we value innovation, fairness and code quality

Accelerated learning

The path to mastery begins by modelling seniors and learning from best practices. As you work on production codebases, receive 1 on 1 mentoring from highly skilled developers across the globe who care about your growth and aspire to teach.

Remote - first principles

Masterful work happens when you adapt your creative environment to your own style. Choose to work remotely from home, or a nearby co-working space and receive small monthly stipends to cover

Create impact with your work

Write real code for production level codebases and impact millions of users through your work. There is no greater satisfaction.

Build empathy with fellow GitStart developers through sponsored meetups, online workspaces and learn to excel in a remote, distributed environment.

A digital playground where coders thrive

Incredible learning programs, real world high-impact projects and a friendly, inclusive atmosphere characterise the Gitstart Developer Community

Benefits galore when you join

With developers from so many different nationalities and cultures, you can even take a chance to finally learn a new foreign language!
Competitive Salary

Competitive salaries as per market rates and sometimes even higher, with quarterly performance based bonuses

High Autonomy & Flexible Work Hours

Work remotely and flexibly so long as you self manage your time and productivity well and communicate clearly and quickly

Global reach and advanced workflows

A global developer community and global customer base enables working in a cutting edge, international atmosphere where advanced engineering techniques are practiced

Team Retreats

Annual team retreats where the whole crew gets together and bonds through hackathons and fun activities

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