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Client Project Manager

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An ambitious mission

At GitStart (YC S19), you are on a mission to accelerate software development worldwide.

We help amazing ventures (some led by former NASA and SpaceX engineers) dramatically accelerate product development by helping them manage developers through an API.

We help outstanding developers positively impact their families and communities by dramatically accelerating their careers - they typically 3x their salaries after working a few years with us.

GitStart is one of the top 20 companies worldwide shaping the future of remote work according to AngelList, has been featured in Forbes and TechCrunch, and is backed by leading Silicon Valley investors and the world's most prestigious incubator (Y-Combinator).

One of the company's most important roles

Client Project Manager is one of the most important roles at GitStart. It brings together the interesting complexity of project management with the very high business impact of client success.

You will be given oversight over ~10 clients projects. Your core missions are to improve 3 things:

  1. Client satisfaction
  2. Profitability - most projects have a 10x growth potential!
  3. The company's ability to learn from clients: you basically decide what problems product, data and engineering teams should solve

Concretely, you will do things like:

  1. Lead client retrospective meetings to identify blockers and encourage clients to grow their GitStart usage
  2. Work with our technical project managers and developers to resolve blockers and implement robust processes
  3. Expand your most successful processes to all client projects, and your product improvement ideas to the product team

This role is so important to us that you'll get any budget or tool you need, as well as support from other teams and partners.

"I get to see the inner workings of  dozens of the fastest growing tech companies worldwide - it's an accelerated learning opportunity" - Edward So, who currently manages our client portfolio

A great team

You'll work directly with:

  • Corentin Trebaol (double sailing world champion, TEDxHongKong speaker) - COO, who oversees Revenue (Sales + Client Success)
  • Edward So - Head of Growth, who currently manages Customer Success (Bootstrapped a 20,000+ users crypto app with no funding)
  • Hamza Zia (Typescript and Azure team at Microsoft, staff engineer at an up-coming unicorn RainforestQA, former hacker)
  • Amazing developers from all around the world: Brazil, Nigeria, India, etc.

The ideal time to join

In other words, the company is small enough (10 core team members) to allow for

  • having a major impact on the company and getting recognized as such
  • developing meaningful human connection

…But big enough to have large teams (100 developers) and budgets to work with.

Also, we're growing fast, which opens doors for your career advancement.

You're a fit if you are

  1. Sharp - Outstanding English communications skills and Cold head under pressure.
  2. Skilled or interested in software project management - It's a great role for someone with a technical background who is interested in transitioning to a non-engg role, or for business profiles  who are heavily interested in how great software is built.
  3. Driven and have an Extreme Ownership mindset.
  4. Remote ready - Even in our main office in Hong Kong, everyone enjoys full remote freedom. To develop human connection, we regularly organize online events and recently started to plan company off-sites.
  5. Someone who "raises the bar."
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