Radically better hiring

GitStart outsources your backlog to hundreds of qualified developers & uses peer code reviews to recommend the best to hire.

How to Use

A robust management engine that delegates software development to hundreds of qualified developers worldwide, runs quality checks, and ranks work  
Scope & assign

Go through onboarding, break down projects, define scope and assign work tickets to Gitstart Crowd.

Review & analyse

Communicate priorities, analyse technical proposals and review task dependencies.

Receive & iterate

Receive PRs from Gitstart Crowd and hiring recommendations. Pay only for code you accept and actual hires.

GitStart Developer Network

We find quality talent across the world, train their coding skills and rank them. So you can cherry-pick the best ones to hire for yourself!
Automatic Training

GitStart snapshots each task & pull request. New developers have to finish older tasks & build a rank before taking real tasks.

Developer Ranking

GitStarts calculates a unique rank per dev specific to a git repository based on code reviews from peers and clients.

Peer Reviews

Each Tech Plan & Pull Request has to pass several peer reviews before submission. You only receive high quality PRs ready to be merged.

Transfer Learning

Each task gets a tech plan written by a senior (high rank) dev for the junior (low rank) dev. This helps juniors write better code & accelerates their learning and professionalism.

Customers Speak

GitStart helps engineering teams gain velocity AND hire better. Here are a few customers who love the product
"GitStart has allowed our team to focus on our core product, while ramping up capacity on supporting micro-services. It integrated really well with our tight timelines and constantly changing sprint cycle! "
Marco Au
CTO, Juven
"GitStart came aboard when we were low on capacity for React devs. Since then GitStart helped us gain velocity while hiring was still in progress!"
Michelle Fno
CEO, Aromeo
"We came aboard GitStart very early in our development process while we were building an off-shore team in Philippines. GitStart added on-demand capacity while adding really stellar hires!"
CEO, Bump
Productive dev hours delivered. Plan to triple within a year
Of code is accepted within 2 review cycles
Timezones covered by GitStart Community

How pricing works

Pay only for code you merge and hires you make
Pay as you go

Buy development hours and spend on tasks. Pay only for hires that stay for at least half a year

Pay only for quality

No charges for code you don't merge. GitStart internal peer reviews ensure quality

24x7 support

Get dedicated support through Slack. Let work continue across nights, weekends and Christmas!

Frequently Asked Questions

Many engineering leaders we know have been burnt by outsourcing AT-LEAST once. We would be surprised if you didn't have concerns!
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